Yes, it's forever-forever!

No, that is not possible. 4-Organizer Ultra will never delete your files.

License key can be found in profile page.

"Machines manager" is a special tool which helps you to view, ban and unban machines connected to unique license key. With it, you can ban certain machines from using your license.

Don't panic! Please contact us. as soon as possible. We will help you to create a new key.

4-Organizer Ultra is not a trojan or a virus. Sometimes antiviruses "think" that 4-Organizer Ultra is a trojan. It happens because 4-Organizer Ultra sorts your files. While sorting, 4-Organizer Ultra moves and sometimes renames files. For antivirus programs, this behaviour is suspicous. So, they "think" that 4-Organizer Ultra is a trojan.
You can always check it by yourself. For example, upload 4-Organizer Ultra's executable to VirusTotal and read the detailed analysis. You will be able to see every single action that program does.

Thankfully, no. You only need to enter license data once.

Yes, it is possible! When starting scan, deselect folders where sorting is undesired.

Suppose you have file "example.txt" in folder "Downloads" and "example.txt" in folder "Desktop". 4-Organizer Ultra will rename one of the files. So, after sorting, there will be "example.txt" and "(1) example.txt".

No, that is not possible. This toll will only remove folders which are absolutely empty.

You will receive updates as long as your license is valid.

4-Organizer Ultra will deactivate. If you'll buy another license, you can activate it again.