Complex file management

powered by artificial intelligence

All features 4U

• sorting files using artificial intelligence
speeding-up PC
• remove unwanted/trash files
• remove privacy vulnerabilities from browsers
automatic conflict manager
• remove old error report files
remove ads cache and rubbish
• remove application caches
• remove browser caches
• speeding-up browsers
• remove system caches
• remove office caches
• remove mail caches
• remove log files
• cleaning drive
AI automatic scan - makes sure your PC never gets slow and cluttered
4-Organizer AI assistant - get personalized recommendations concerning your PC

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Do you spend hours searching for necessary files?
Are you an active PC user?
Is your PC full of files?
In that case, you certainly need... 4-Organizer!


4-Organizer sorts your files, using unique technologies, so you can easily find necessary files at the right time.

AI at your service

Artificial intelligence analyzes each file to determine how it should be sorted.

Always near

4-Organizer is always near and ready to help! Our developers considered all the nuances of the Windows, in order to deliver amazing user experience.

All versions from Windows 7 to Windows 10.

Infinitely fast

Save your time, use 4-Organizer in order to sort tens of thousands of files in seconds, not in hours!

Let’s run an experiment: how much time is required to sort 10,000 files?


1.5 minute



Think about it, it's as much as 400,000 files per hour!

It’s not only sorting!

4-Organizer also has Deep scan, a powerful tool that finds and liquidates rubbish files, removes empty folders, deletes TEMP files, and removes privacy vulnerabilities from browsers

Drive C:

1% space left

Drive C:

20% space left

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